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Me time pamper club is layby for pampering


Join the Mammas HQ me-time pamper club.

Everyone is welcome to join. Its a great way to save fortnightly, grow a little fund and get freebies the more you save up!

Mammas HQ best hairdresser lay-by for me

Perth mums - we have listened and we know that sometimes it is hard as a mum to justify spending money on ourselves when we have so many other outgoings. We rarely put ourselves first, or when we do we often get 'the guilt' as we may feel we should have spent that money on our kids and not ourselves.


We aren't leaving you out either! You have as much right to some me-time as mums. Whatever you want to spend your me-time fund on - yourself, your partner or your kids its a great way to build up a kitty to use in the future.

The Mammas HQ hair savings scheme is open to everyone to join from $25 per fortnight

The Mammas HQ me-time fund is for everyone. It's just a great way to spread the cost of hair and beauty treatments so you don't feel like you have to outlay a large amount all at once.

How does it work?

Sav up to treat yourself at Mammas HQ

Quite simply put you join the Mammas HQ me-time pamper club for either $25 or $50 a fortnight. The amount comes out of your bank account automatically and sits in your personal fund for you to use at any time on any service. Mammas HQ takes no fees or costs out, we just hold the fund for you until you are ready to spend it! Basically its a lay-by system for you (or whoever you decide to spend your fund on!).

Sav up to treat yourself at Mammas HQ
Mammas HQ best hairdresser lay-by for me




Pure Shampoo Gifts at Mammas HQ


When you join you get 40% off our salon shampoos and conditioners. We know you’ll love them and we want you to try them. Whilst you’re a member of the Mammas HQ pamper club you will receive 20% off all future purchases too! *20% off first purchase of Mop-Tops and 10% ongoing

If you bring a child with you to any appointment at Mammas HQ you will get the creche for FREE! Simply select the FREE creche add-on at time of booking as you are a Mammas HQ Pamper Club member.  

That’s right!  20% off all* haircuts, colours, facials and brow services to make looking great head to toe more affordable. Refresh and express services 10% off

As a ‘me-time’ Pamper Club member you will receive 15% off hair extensions. We have 2 types of premium hair for you to choose from and you also get 15% off move-ups

Once your fund reaches $100 you receive a FREE express eyebrow wax or kids dry cut worth up to $40. You can also add extras to these freebies on the day like a tint.

Once your fund reaches $250 you receive a FREE lash lift or brow lamination worth up to $90, you can add a tint to your choice of service for just $15 (normally $25)

Once your fund reaches $500 you receive a FREE Ultimate Lifting Facial worth $200

Treat someone you know to a Mammas HQ Gift Voucher and as a Mammas HQ Pamper Club member you get 10% off the face value.

As you’re a Mammas HQ Pamper Club member it seems only right that you get 10% off our pamper parties. Be it a kids party, adult birthday, hen party or baby shower party we will give you and all your guests 10% off. 

That’s right, you will have access to exclusive offers that are only for Mammas HQ Pamper Club members. Only you will be able to book them and the prices will be amazing!

sounds good?

SIgn-up here


To start your Mammas HQ Pamper Club membership simply choose the $25 or $50 per fortnight package shown above. If you don’t already have a Mammas HQ account you will need to set one up and then input your payment details. The first amount comes out straight away and then every fortnight after that. Make sure you click the ‘auto-renew’ box when you set up your ‘me-time’ fund.

The fortnightly payments build up for you to use at any time on any service you want. Mammas HQ takes no fees out of the money you save – your pamper fund is your fund. You get 100% of the money to spend in the Mammas HQ salon. We keep track of exactly how much money has been paid in through our booking system, if you would like an update email: and we will confirm exactly how much you have to spend.

You absolutely can use your ‘me-time’ Pamper Fund on any service available at Mammas HQ. This includes all hair, beauty, nail and party services. If the the service is on our website you can book it and pay with your Mammas HQ Pamper Fund when you are in the salon.

You absolutely can part-pay for whatever services you have booked at Mammas HQ as long as you use your whole fund up and pay the balance with your credit or debit card or with Afterpay in salon on the day of your appointment.  If you want to do this you must use all of the money in your fund. Following this your ‘me-time’ fund continues to build up for your next visit to Mammas HQ. 

Yes it is best to use all of your fund in one visit to Mammas HQ, as we want to ensure keeping track on our system is as easy as possible. As the ‘me-time’ fund is a brand new idea we have adapted the membership function of our booking system to create it, so using your fund in full is the best way to keep track of it properly. 

If you miss a payment, don’t worry your fund will still be there. As soon as you realise contact us and we will be able to activate your payment again. You will need to get up to date with your payment. If you are unable to, don’t worry we can freeze your payments and whatever funds you have saved can still be used at any time that suits you on any service at Mammas HQ.

Unfortunately once you sign up to the Mammas HQ ‘me-time’ fund you cannot get a refund. You can stop your fund at any time and use your balance on any service at Mammas HQ but we don’t give refunds of any money you have paid in.

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