Kids hairdresser open Sundays near Perth CBD

Kids, Tweens and Teens Hairdresser

Mammas HQ has a full range of hairdressing services for kids (under 8 years), tweens (8-12 years) and teenagers (aged 13 to 17).

kids hair services perth

We know that it can be expensive for parents to get their kids, tweens and teenager's hair done, so we offer our hairdressing services at a lower price for under 18's.

“kids hairdressing at parent-friendly and pocket money-friendly prices”
That’s the Mammas HQ moto!

What's on offer


Kids, Tweens and Teens Haircuts

Kids, regardless of age need a haircut. Gone are the days of the at-home bowl cut as kids more than ever want a great haircut! As kids and become tween-agers and teenagers we know that what they want is more than a basic dry cut, and that paying adult prices for kids feels unfair for parents. This is why we have developed hairdressing services for kids appropriate to their age and need, priced at parent-friendly and pocket money-friendly prices.

Kids haircut services perth

Mammas HQ's hairdressing services for kids also includes a range of braiding and fancy hair options not offered by other standard hairdressers in Perth.

Tweens and Teenagers Hair Colouring Services

Tweens and teenagers are welcome at Mammas HQ to change their hair colour. Our hairdressers are mindful of the products used and also any rules that may have to abided by inside or outside school. A tween or young teenager will need to be accompanied by an adult; older teenagers are welcome to come to their appointment alone.

A new trend we have seen emerging with tweens and teens is the money piece. Money pieces are great as they involve a quick trip to the hairdresser, are affordable, low maintenance and make a unique statement admired by friends without totally changing the hair. Some can be hidden under the hair to accommodate strict schools and only shown when the hair is tied back in a certain way.

Tween double money piece

A money piece gives a sunkissed look

Hidden single money piece

Makes a statement and can also be hidden for those at a strict school

Depending on the money piece style can be hidden under the hair to accommodate strict schools and only shown when the hair is tied back in a certain way.

Popular with tweens and teenagers:

Money pieces and fashion colour balayage

Kids Hair Curls and Party Hair

Perth's kids love to pop-in to Mammas HQ to have their hair curled or waved, with or without a wash and blowdry. This can be for a just because treat, or for a special occasion such as a party or school ball. Our mermaid waves are loved by kids in Perth, as we have a unique professional tool that gives long-lasting waves when they aren't brushed out. plus, we can do big or small bouncy curls and even pin curls for a hollywood look!.

Mermaid waves kids party hair

We can also do 'party curls' in a variety of styles from big and bouncy, to small ringlets and even pin curls for a hollywood look!

Hair braiding

Mammas HQ also has an ever evolving range of braiding services as part of our kids hairdressing. We have a range of braids for kids, tweens and teens available with or without coloured extensions.

Flouro kids party hair braiding

Our most popular braiding style - Jumbo Dutch braids - available in single or double

fancy bubble braids party bus

Bubble braids a beautiful option for a special occasion or treat to create a braiding 'wow' factor


Jumbo criss-cross 'no-pain' braids - great for kids with sensitive scalps, kids that hate having their hair brushed or those with sensory challenges

Mini braids a fun kids hairdresser service that is cheap

Double mini braids available in a choice of colours.

Very long kids hair at Mammas HQ kids hairdresser Subiaco

Rapunzel Hair

At Mammas HQ we believe in keeping our prices as transparent as possible. unlike other salons we don't charge extra for hair services unless your child has Rapunzel hair and this is a flat fee of $25. If the hair is super thick we may need to charge $15 extra, but apart from that, the price you see is the price you pay, unless you add a treatment, toner or vibrant colour. We will always discuss any add-ons with you during the appointment.

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