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Tape and Weft Hair Extensions in Wembley

Best hair extension salon Perth

Quality remy hair extensions at cheap prices!

Mammas HQ offers a full range of tape and weft (weave) hair extensions.

We can custom colour our hair extensions and have access to a wide range of colours, including vibrant fashion colours

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Budget range hair that doesn't compromise on quality.

Our budget range is high quality unbranded hair making hair extensions more affordable for everyone. We have road-tested this hair and were more than pleased with the quality for the price. Cheap hair extensions don't always have compromise on quality, but do beware of some cheap hair extensions that won't last more than a few months or that don't behave like real hair. At Mammas HQ we only sell top quality real double drawn remy hair.

Showpony Premium Hair Extensions

Mammas HQ is also an authorised seller of the brand leading and original premium Showpony hair. We love Showpony as it is the first hair extensions we tried before Mammas HQ was open, and we still have our original hair today! Showpony hair is ethically sourced. It also behaves like your real hair from day 1, it is easy to manage and will last for years. If you can extend your budget for hair extensions, then upgrading to premium Showpony hair is an investment that will save you money in the future as it won't need replacing for longer.

Wembley hair extension model

Which hair extensions?

Mammas HQ's hair extension experts will advise the best avenue for you to pursue with hair extensions based on the look you want, length and condition of your hair.

Tape hair extensions are individual pieces of hair applied evenly within your natural hair. Tape hair extensions take longer to apply and are more versatile as they are single pieces that can be placed wherever the hair is thinner or shorter. A small amount of tape hair extensions can be used to add colour or thickness, and more are used to add volume and length. If your hair is thick you will need more tape hair extensions than if your hair is thin, especially if you are seeking a long length.

Weft/weave hair extensions are one large continuous piece of hair that is sewn in to your normal hair by weaving the attachment thread through the natural hair. Weaves are quick to put in and take out. Both tape and weft hair extensions are pain free. If you experience any pain they haven't been installed properly.

Splash of colour:

Mammas HQ hair extensions strange but true fact

If you have thick hair you will need more hair extensions than if you have thin hair!

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Hair Extensions can be a costly to maintain, with move-ups required every 4-6 weeks. Don't let this put you off though!! If you join our 'me-time' pamper club, you get 15% off all extensions services and also save up a fund to spend on yourself. You can use your fund to part pay for any service.