The Orchard Room Creche

Mammas HQ - Perth's first and only beauty and hair salon with a creche!

The Orchard Room creche aims to be welcoming, colourful, vibrant and creative just like the person it is named after – Eileen Orchard
The Mammas HQ child friendly hair salon has a childminding creche in Wembley and is soundproofed to limit noise
  • It’s easy to book the Orchard Room Creche at Mammas HQ. Simply select the creche as an ‘add-on’ when you make your booking selecting the age for each child.

  • If you need the creche while you visit Mammas HQ it is essential that you add on each child as an extra before finalising your booking and paying your deposit

  • Prices are shown at time of booking and reflect the length of your appointment, the creche is charged per appointment and not per hour. If you are a “me-time” pamper club member the creche is FREE for every appointment you make. Not a member? Join up, its a great way to save up a me-time fund to spend on yourself at Mammas HQ, and 100% of the money you save is yours to spend.

  • You can only use the Mammas HQ creche if you are on-site at Mammas HQ (this is due to insurance)
  • The creche welcomes children between the ages of 12 weeks and 12 years old

  • The creche has a ‘no shoe’ policy and socks are essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene

  • On arrival please inform us of any special requirements or allergies

  • Depending on the age of your children, please bring nappies, wipes and a spare set of clothes. We are happy to change nappies and take the children to the toilet (we even have a little person’s toilet), unless you would prefer to do it yourself

  • We do allow snacks in the creche, as we know some appointments can be long. This is why it is important to inform us if any of your children have allergies

Mammas HQ's creche is called The Orchard Room as a tribute to a wonderful lady Eileen Orchard who sadly lost her battle to breast cancer in December 2020 after many years of battling, being in remission and on chemo.

Why Sara gave The Orchard Room it's name:
"Eileen was my Aussie Mamma and she came in to my life when I moved next door to her in Bayswater in 2016. As soon as I moved in she introduced herself and from there she became an extremely good friend and all round amazing and supportive person, who I was privileged to have had in my life, even if it was for just a short time. While I have a Mamma in England, Eileen (who also became friends with my Mamma when she visited me) helped and supported me in so many ways, including with my business idea of a hair and beauty salon with a creche. From making a curry for me each Wednesday when I returned to work at a new job after maternity leave, to being my on-hand support through a redundancy just before and so many other things I am eternally grateful for. Most of the time Eileen was on chemo and still managed to be selfless and support me. I promised Eileen, in a letter I sent to her while she was in palliative care as she didn’t want visitors, that I'd name a room after her at Mammas HQ due to the amazing impact she has had on my life. The Mammas HQ creche seemed the obvious choice as it is welcoming, vibrant, creative and colourful just like Eileen was. Even the chalkboard head at the entrance to the creche belonged to Eileen and it feels like she is watching the children play in there. "
The Mammas HQ Creche is named after Eileen Orchard who died in December 2020 of breast cancer

Eileen Orchard