Cosmetic Tattooing

Wake-up wearing make-up!

All busy mums need one less thing to do in the morning, so waking up wearing make-up definitely helps. Eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo, lipstick tattoo, lip blushing and bb-glow gives you the just woke-up with make-up look,

At Mammas HQ our cosmetic tattoo artists take the time to assess your facial features and discuss the options that are the best for you to get the most amazing results. This is why the consultation is so important before your main appointment (which can be on the same day and consecutively)

Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattooing gives you the brows you've always wanted, and are available in Feathering, Ombre and Combination. During your consultation the Mammas HQ cosmetic tattoo artist will listen to the look you want to achieve and advise what is achievable when working with your eyebrows. A range of ink colours are available to match in with your skin tone and together you will choose the best match to achieve the brows you want

Ombre Eyebrows - before and afters

Best eyebrow tattoo before and after Perth
Best eyebrow tattoo before and after

Small cosmetic tattoo strokes are applied to fill the gaps in your eyebrows, which may be from years of overplucking or naturally occurring. The fine strokes provide a natural flawless effect. In less than 2 hours gone are the days of using an eyebrow pencil and maintenance is minimal. Regular eyebrow lamination keeps your natural brows full in place for even less daily effort.

Lipstick tattoo - before and afters

Lipstick tattoo creates a natural rosy glow on your lips, making them appear fuller and flawless without applying lipstick. A range of colours are available from light natural tones to vibrant deep reds. Lip tattoo requires numbing cream due to the natural sensitivity in the area.

Natural looking lip tattoo
natural lip tattoo wembley

Eyeliner tattoo

Eyeliner draws attention to your eyes and can be achieved in a number of styles and natural looking colours. Top eyeliner (above the lashes) is the most popular, it can be tattooed in a thin or thick line depending on the look you prefer and size of your eyes. Under eyeliner can be tattooed inside or outside the bottom lash line.

Best eyeliner tattoo perth
top eyeliner tattoo

Your cosmetic tattoo procedure is delivered in a fully sterile council approved environment in one of our private treatment rooms.

A touch-up appointment is recommended post-treatment to maintain your new look.

Derma-pen Cosmetic Tattooing

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a form of cosmetic tattoo that is done with a dermapen and not a cosmetic tattoo needle. It takes the same amount of time as cosmetic tattooing and gives a smooth finish. A range of pigments are available and you get to choose the colour you want, from pale pink to dark red!

Lip blushing cosmetic tattoo


BB-glow is a form of long-lasting make-up applied to the skin using a dermapen. It is like a BB-cream but much longer lasting. Coloured pigment is applied to the skin that also contains rich peptides that feed the skin. BB-glow not only reduces the need to wear foundation, it also evens out skin tone, pigmentation, reduces fine lines, dark circles under the eyes and encourages natural collagen production. If you have any additional skin concerns extra serums can be added to your treatment plan. Mammas HQ BB-glow prices are competitive as they are completed by Mamma herself. She believes in BB-glow as it has worked wonders on her own skin.

BB-glow semi-permanent foundation make-up

Cosmetic Tattoo Prices

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If you can’t see an appointment at a time you want or experience any problems booking online please call 0450207070 or email: [email protected] 

Al our Cosmetic Tattoo artist may be able to accommodate Eyebrow, Lipstick or Eyeliner at a time to suit you, simply ask and we will get back to you!


We are also able to provide Perth’s mammas with a tattoo service. Our tattoo artist specialises in line work and mostly small designs that can be completed in around an hour.  Custom designs are possible for a small additional fee. Simply book a consultation, send us your inspiration (if you know what you want) or discuss with the artist at your consultation what you’d like to achieve.  It is so important that you are 100% happy with the tattoo design before embarking on your ink so the artist will work with you until they get it 100% right.

Recent work by our tattoo artist

These are inspiration designs of family tattoos we’d like to create for Perth’s mammas. Book in for a consultation so we can custom design something like these for you to depict your family and children, Book a consultation. We also offer easy payment options (like layby) ask us for more details.

Perth's best family tattoo ideas