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Mammas HQ is a unique hair and beauty salon and offers so much more than other hair and beauty salons in Perth. We are not only a kid friendly salon and a baby friendly salon as we have an on-site creche, we have a full range of services for kids, tweens and teens at parent-friendly and pocket money-friendly. We even offer birthday parties, pamper parties, hens parties, baby showers, bridal preparation parties, plus anything else you can think of as we love putting together bespoke pamper packages for everyone located in Perth. The Mammas HQ space is versatile and well equipped. It isn't just for mums with small babies. Kids of all ages are welcome, notwithstanding dads, grandparents and of course everyone else who wants to hang out at an ultra modern salon in Perth that is open 7 days and 3 late nights. We only open for appointments, this provides a real personal service, which we pride ourselves on. This also gives us the flexibility to work when we can, as most of us are mums, mums-to-be or dads. Like you, we have busy schedules and balance everything perfectly. We are lucky as we get to bring our kids to work when we need to, just as you can if you need to when you visit Mammas HQ for a hair or beauty appointment! Around 60% of people use our creche, so don't be deterred from visiting us if you don't have kids, as we warmly welcome everyone to our hair and beauty salon in Wembley.

Wembley's only hairdresser and beauty salon with a creche

Keep up to date with what is happening at Mammas HQ and never miss out on what's going on at our HQ! We promise we won't bombard you with emails, as we believe less is more. When we send you an email about our: hairdressing services; beauty services; kids, tween and teen services; pamper parties (plus anything else that might be new or news) we want you to be keen to read our updates as you haven't heard from us for a while!  

Our Location

We are centrally located in Perth so we can be closer to more people!


Mon - Tue: 10am - 7.30pm*
Wed - Fri: 10am - 8pm*
Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm **


12c Cambridge Forum, Cambridge Street Wembley, WA 6014

Remember we are open by appointment so the opening hours above are just a guide. We may have appointments outside these times, check the booking page for the service you want to see up-to-date availability. We are open 7 days with 3 late nights for hair and beauty appointments. We all manage our own schedules, so our what and whens change each week. Its a new way of working (and we love it!) and this is another reason we are different to many hair and beauty salons in Perth. If you are passing our location at 10 Gregory Street in Wembley and our pink neon 'open' sign is switched on then that means we are in and may be able to fit you in for a last minute hair or beauty appointment. Simply ring the bell to our Mammas HQ house and we will let you in!

PARKING and transport

Mammas HQ has allocated parking at the front of the building. These are reserved for customer's with long appointments. If we are very busy and you have a long appointment we will put your name on a space. If you arrive and there isn't a name on a Mammas HQ parking space then please feel free to use the space for your appointment, Free 2 hour parking is also available on Gregory Street and Cambridge Street. We are less than a 10 minute walk from Subiaco station and Cambridge Street is a main bus route to Perth CBD. Afternoon and evenings appointments have a choice of parking as the car park is not as busy as in the morning. Sundays are particularly quiet too making parking easy.

Our Service Schedule

We only open for appointments.....

.....but if you are passing and our pink neon 'open' sign is switched on we may be able to fit you in!
You can also call us for on-the-day hair and beauty appointments on 0450-20-70-70

Haircuts and colours

Good hairdressers are hard to find in Perth and we only accept the best. Haircuts and colours are available every day, at different times including late nights and Saturdays each week. Sunday's may be available by special request contact us, a small Sunday surcharge may apply.


Hairstyling services such as curling, basic blow dries, tape hair extensions are available 7 days and 3 late nights. A Sunday surcharge does not apply to these services.

brows and lashes

Brow waxing, brow tinting, brow styling, brow lamination, lash tinting and lash lift are available 7 days including Sundays and 3 late nights. A Sunday surcharge does not apply to the above services.

Lash extensions are available Monday to Friday each week, including late nights. If you can't see a lash extension appointment that suits you contact us we may be able to accommodate you


Facials are available 7 days and 3 late nights. A Sunday surcharge does not apply to facials.


Make-up is available Monday to Friday including late nights. Evening Saturday and Sunday day-time appointments may be available, contact us to enquire


Nail services are currently limited to manicures for adults and children, check the nail services page for availability, for an appointment outside these times contact us

KIDS, TWEENS AND TEENS hair & beauty

Our full range of kids, tweens and teens services at parent friendly prices are available varyingly depending on the service chosen. Kids hair cuts and colours are available as shown above for our hairdressing services, including after school appointments.

PAMPER parties & pamper SESSIONS

Kids pamper packages, kids parties and kids pamper sessions plus other events have a wide spectrum of availability 7 days a weeks and 3 late nights. To discuss your kids, tween or teen party ideas or requirements contact us

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing is available 6 days and late night appointments by arrangement, contact us to make a booking


We are the only tattoo studio in Perth you will find with a creche. Our artist specialises in fine line work, script and watercolour tattoos. He can come up with a custom design for you or replicate a design you have seen contact us to arrange a consultation


Our on-site creche must be booked with your main hair or beauty appointment so we can ensure it is staffed in line-with government ratios. The cost of the creche is shown in the add-on section when you make your booking, Generally the creche isn't available on a Sunday due to staff penalty rates making the cost too high, however, if you would like to book the creche for Sunday we will only pass on the charge for staff wages. If you book with a friend then the cost of the staff wages will be split between you!

parties, pampering and events

As Mammas HQ is such a versatile space we can arrange a range of pampering sessions and pamper parties not yet featured on a website as ready-to-book adult pamper party services. Hens parties, wedding parties, baby showers are just a few. If you have an idea for an event contact us. It could even be a team away pamper day. We love putting together bespoke packages, so tell us what you want and we will send you a no obligation quote. To discuss your adult pamper party idea or requirements contact us

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Our Policies

As Mammas HQ only opens for appointments we take a deposit to secure your chosen date and time. Bookings made through our website and social media widgets take this deposit automatically at time of booking. Appointments made via email, on the telephone or in-salon also require a deposit to secure the slot. You will receive a booking confirmation for all appointments. If you booked via email, on the telephone or in-salon look out for a separate email with a payment link for your deposit which must be paid within 24 hours. If we do not receive your deposit we cannot guarantee your appointment will remain available.
Deposits are not refundable for:
– change of mind
– cancellations within 72 hours.
Deposits can be transferred to a different service or for a different date and time for the same service if you provide more than 72 hours notice. No-shows and late cancellations incur an automatic loss of the deposit – it cannot be used to book any other service. For both no-shows and late cancellations we reserve the right to invoice you for the cost of the whole appointment to cover our losses ad costs, this invoice will explain this further. The exception to the 72 hour rule applies to medical circumstances only (such as Covid-19) and we will require back-up documentation to validate your reason. Deposits range from 20-30% of the booking total and in some cases the deposit amount is more or less.


As Mammas HQ is a small business and we only open for appointments late cancellations and no-shows have a real financial impact on us. We have had circumstances where people have not shown up on the day or cancelled on the day. This costs us both financially and in time including wages and costs associated to open up the salon. Often we have had to purchase items for appointments which is also an extra cost we have incurred. We will not be able to survive as a business if this occurs on a frequent basis and filling last minute appointments for us is unlikely as we only open for appointments.

What if I genuinely forget about my appointment?

We are a friendly bunch at Mammas HQ so don’t be scared to contact us. If you genuinely forget about your appointment, we may not be able to transfer your deposit but we would still like you to visit us in the future. We would just require 50% of your service cost up front to secure your booking. If you no-show again then we reserve the right to invoice you for the remaining 50% of your appointment fee.

We understand that the instance may arise that you need to leave your appointment early. If you are pressed for time or late for your appointment please let us know when you arrive if you need to leave at a specific time so we are aware. The times displayed on our website are a guide and there are many variables that may make your appointment longer or shorter.  If something arises causing you to leave before your appointment is finished, please let us know and we will advise you of what is left to be done. While we would never make you stay if you need to leave, some treatments have critical elements that must be completed that may affect your overall outcome. For example, in a hair appointment that has involved lightening, if you are unable to stay for the final toning process this may have consequences on the final colour achieved. Our staff will let you know if any issues may occur by not completing your appointment. We will arrange a suitable day and time for you to return to complete your appointment.  It is our policy that if you leave early the final bill remains unchanged as we are happy to complete the appointment at no extra cost at your convenience. This is because we are a small business and allocate time and staffing levels for whole appointments. Having to partially refund an appointment as we were unable to complete it puts financial strain on us, especially in the current financial climate. If you do not want to come back to complete your appointment we may issue a good will voucher for an agreed amount for you to use on another service in the near future.

At Mammas HQ we pride our self in providing an excellent service in every way. If you aren’t happy about something we want to know so we can put it right. We are friendly and approachable so don’t be scared to contact us with good or bad feedback. Customer service is key to us. We want to provide a really good service by making your experience one that is memorable for the right reasons and if for some reason you don’t feel we did please tell us and let us put it right. We will listen and work with you to come up with a solution. If you’re sad that makes us sad and we really want to fix the problem to make you happy!

It is really important that we take pictures and make videos from time to time so we can show people enjoying their experience at Mammas HQ and also show our work in a real life setting. We will never take a picture or record a video without telling your first and we will always ask permission if we can do so and also share the content. It is perfectly fine to say no, we don’t expect everyone to say yes. We take your verbal confirmation instruction that we can use the content immediately and in the future. We do not ask you to sign any forms as in this day and age we are on board with being eco-friendly and saving paper. Images and videos obtained at Mammas HQ with permission may be used on our website, social media, in marketing materials such as posters, banners and leaflets immediately and in the future.  

Join our

If you like what we are doing and want to join our team, don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat!

If you're a qualified beauty therapist, hairdresser or educator we would love to hear from you.

We are specifically looking for:
- a nail technician (or two)
- an intimate waxing expert.

Mammas HQ encourages you to work around your existing life (home and work) and offers a truly supportive environment. We do have a criteria to fill, which we can discuss in more detail. But one thing is for sure at Mammas HQ childcare will never be a barrier to working and your family will always come first. Nor will we discriminate against you if you're not a mum (or not female or for any other reason at all). We are all friendly and don't like drama - if you're looking for a toxic environment Mammas HQ isn't the right place for you (we are also pretty straight talking too!).

Mammas HQ Hairdresser with a creche is a haven for Perth's mums and children to relax